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All that I am by Anna Funder

Though it is the hardest thing, to work out one’s weight and heft in the world, to whittle down al that I am and give it value.

I relished Stasiland written by the talented and sensitive Anna Funder. Her profound insight into the plight of humankind and the human psyche revealed in Stasiland meant that as soon as I saw her name on the dustjacket of All that I am, I had to have it!

The story based largely on the stories of a person whom she interviewed for Stasiland tells about a group of refugee activists who attempt to¬†alert the English about Hitler’s insidious malevolence. Told from the perspective of two activitists, Ruth in Sydney and Toller in New York, it is the tale of shattered innocence and determination to take a stand against the mighty machine of Hitler’s regime.

Deeply personal, this is a tale of intrigue, love and betrayal. In many respects, All that I am was one of the saddest books I have read in a long time. The intensity of emotions and the insight into the human condition left me gasping for air at times.

Anna Funder is a magnificent writer and this is a story that had to be told.Image

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