You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead by Marieke Hardy

The title of this novel resonated with me, having heard it all too often by my own mother when I was being coerced into doing something she wanted me to do. Marieke Hardy, never afraid to be the lone voice in the wilderness, reflects in her memoir on key experiences in her life, all recounted with a liberal dash of humour.

From her decision at the age of eleven to become a prostitute when she grew up, to stalking her Young Talent idol and obsession with Bob Ellis, Marieke weaves the rich tapestry of her life experiences and gives a refreshing view of her world and encounters. Honest and voyeuristic, this memoir reveals a razor-sharp intellect that does not suffer fools gladly; compassion for mankind and a wholehearted embracing of life’s experiences.

Marieke is out there and makes no apology for being so. She has the ability to fully immerse herself in the moment and then when it is over “walk into the future”. Bad taste and bad language abound.This is not a memoir that I would recommend to my elderly mother. There is nevertheless a fragility and wickedness about the writing that makes this well worth reading. 



3 thoughts on “You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead by Marieke Hardy

  1. Haha,
    I rather enjoyed this romp too.
    I think as long as you don’t take it too seriously or mind the truth being stretched, this memoir is alot of fun!

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